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Customizing Default RadioButton & CheckBoxes with our images in WindowsPhone C#

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Upgrading Your Existing Project

Windows Phone Development. Developing Universal Windows apps. Developing Universal Windows apps https: Sign in to vote. Hello Can any body please tell me how can i change screen windows phone 8 in c. Monday, January 19, 7: While somedevelopers have upgraded their Windows Phone 7. Also, native Web developers finally have a chance to get in on the action, as Internet Explorer 10 is preinstalled on the phone.

Sure, the new project templates help new app development, but what about an existing XAML-based app already built with Windows Phone 7. The good news is that you can upgrade such apps to Windows Phone 8 by right-clicking the Windows Phone 7. You can also upgrade to Windows Phone 8 by selecting Project Properties, clicking on the Application page, selecting Windows Phone OS 8 from the dropdown list and saving your changes. Again, I recommend you back up your project before proceeding. In Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 8 has added two new screen sizes: You can see a list of all the old and new emulators available in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Emulator Options in Windows Phone 8. With the various emulators available, you no longer have to be dependent on having physical hardware to see your app running on the numerous Windows Phone 7 and 8 devices out there. Also, please keep in mind that with the powerful processors in modern PCs, you should test your app on a physical device before submitting it to the marketplace to gauge real-world performance.

When a Windows Phone app is running, a variety of things can interrupt the UX: Using the Simulation Dashboard, you can test in advance of your app going to the marketplace just how well it will perform under different situations.

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By enabling Network Simulation and selecting a network speed, you can test various cellular data networks as well as Wi-Fi or scenarios where no networks are available. Particularly interesting are the Signal Strength options, which affect the packet loss rate and network latency.

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With these options at your fingertips, you should be able to create a Windows Phone 8 app that performs well in a variety of scenarios. Any app that targets Windows Phone 7. Inside of the Simulation Dashboard, you have the ability to easily lock or unlock the screen to test how your app handles activation or deactivation. You may optionally press the F12 key to show the lock screen.

Again, you can use these to test how your app handles activation or deactivation. This tool provides app monitoring, which helps evaluate the start time and responsiveness as well as profiling. The profiling execution option includes advanced settings that enable you to do things such as visual profiling and code sampling, while the memory options allow you to collect memory allocation stacks and object references.

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Both of these options will result in a graph displayed in Visual Studio as well as a time-stamped. With the generated graphs, you can drill down into specific start and stop times and see the observation summary that Visual Studio has generated. The Windows Phone Application Analysis tool is an integral part of your quality assurance process. The kit can be easily accessed by right-clicking on your app and selecting Open Store Test Kit. Windows Phone 7.

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New and improved tests that target Windows Phone 8 have been added. Would you like to install the updated test cases? At the left of your screen are three tabs: Application Details makes sure the image resources adhere to the guidelines in the Windows Phone Store. Automated Tests check for XAP package requirements, iconography and screenshots. All you need to do to invoke this feature is click on the Run Test button.

The final tab contains manual tests; as of this writing, there are 61 manual tests you can perform. You have to manually indicate whether the test passed or not, but full documentation shows how to do so.

C# Tutorial 4: Add pictures and icons in Frame

Manual tests include those for multiple-device support, app closure, responsiveness and so on. With Windows Phone 7, there was a missed opportunity by many app developers in localizing their apps. This was often due to the fact that they had little or no help with translating from one language to another. The recent release of the Multilingual App Toolkit and new project templates solved this problem.

Windows 10 - An Introduction to Building Windows Apps for Windows 10 Devices

The default Windows Phone 8 template guides you through localization with built-in comments in the MainPage. Microsoft added the Multilingual App Toolkit that was originally in Windows 8. After the toolkit has been enabled for your project, select Project Add Translation Languages to see the languages available, as shown in Figure 3. You can filter on the language you want and then press the OK button.

It will automatically add the proper language files to your Resources folder. Double-clicking on it will bring up the Multilingual Editor that will allow you to translate from one language to another by simply clicking the Translate button. You can see an example of this in Figure 4. Figure 4 Translating from One Language to Another. In Figure 4 , you can see that it automatically translated several words for me.

Once a translation is complete, you can sign off or pass it on to a human translator for review.