Use blackberry as tv remote control

Before I talk about apps, however, I need to discuss one key aspect of home AV gear: Most modern AV devices still use remote controls that employ infrared light beams. Although a few devices use radio, and there's a movement toward control over HDMI allowing for a single master device , the actual remotes are simple IR emitters.

Using your Blackberry as a Universal Remote Control

This fact has caused great heartburn among PlayStation 3 owners who use their game consoles as Blu-ray players, because the PS3 is controlled via Bluetooth. Smartphones, however, don't have built-in IR emitters. You need some kind of external device to transmit IR signals; for most smartphone universal remotes, that device comes in the form of a dongle that connects to the phone.

Android TV Remote Control

The main drawback of this approach is the lack of a universal IR blaster for mobile devices; most dongle-based IR emitters are proprietary to a particular app. RedEye is currently available for iOS only; Thinkflood, though, has suggested that it will be porting the app to Android, since the RedEye Mini plugs into the phone's headphone jack rather than the proprietary power and data connector.

Some apps forgo dongles, using external boxes for control instead. The upside of this arrangement is that you don't need to attach a gizmo to your phone.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Home Theater Remote Control

The downside depends on the specific box. The phone communicates with the box via Bluetooth. The embedded computer has its own Wi-Fi connection, which you can access remotely from your iPhone. As a result, you can remotely control your AV rack anywhere you happen to be--even when you're not at home. Another intriguing device is the Peel Universal Remote. Peel first arrived on the scene with a social-media-focused guide app for TV viewing. Peel aims to integrate its social media capabilities into the remote control functionality.

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The idea of controlling your AV rack from wherever you are may seem a little obsessive: After all, why would you want to turn your receiver on and off if you're on vacation? But that isn't the point--what these devices are promising to do is give you control over VCR or DVR scheduling or, in some cases, the ability to view what you've recorded remotely. Not everyone is a TV junkie in need of switching among multiple devices and constantly monitoring what's happening with their home theater systems. Quite a number of users, including some of my own family members, would be content to be able to schedule shows for their DVR anytime, anywhere.

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In fact, you can do so already, depending on which DVR or service you have. For example, if you search the iTunes store, you'll find individual apps that give you control over specific services. Many of these apps are also coming to Google's Android platform. Flashlight Free Turn your BlackBerry into a flashlight.

Scan to Text Mobile scanner and text recognition app for BlackBerry Download Remote Control Collection 1. Free Download for BlackBerry. User reviews about Remote Control Collection Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! For getting Java files on Nokia phones, you might want to read this: Next you will need to install a program on your phone and on your computer this program will translate your phone keystrokes to commands in Ubuntu.

Go to http: Go to the 'Java Client for WAP download' and from there download any of the jar files they are all the same program - the only difference is that the files have different icon sizs - I used the file with 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 icon sets. After getting the jar file, transfer it to your Blackberry.

If you have a media card, you should be able to use the 'massive USB storage feature' to get it on there. You might even be able to transfer the file via bluetooth, although it will probably be slow.

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On your phone, go to Media, click the menu button, and select explore. Browse to the jar file and select it. Click 'Download' to install the application. Open Synaptic, search for 'anyremote', and mark it for installation. Also search for 'pybluez' and mark it for installation as well. Then hit apply to install. Ubuntu 8.

HOW TO: Use Blackberry as bluetooth remote control

Go back to the anyRemote site http: After installing everything, pair up the phone with the computer For Blackberrys go to 'Set Up Bluetooth' and follow the directions. It should be able to find your computer after which it will ask you to enter a PIN.

Enter any PIN and press ok. You should now see a popup in Ubuntu asking for the PIN. Click on it and enter the same PIN and your devices should be paired up. If it gives a message about the Bluetooth service not being active just ignore it. You should see a remote icon in the panel. Click on it to bring up the anyRemote window.

Remotely control a PC from your mobile

Select the application you want to run and click start more on this later. In your phone, start up anyRemote, and from the menu, select search. It should find your computer and any other bluetooth devices you may have. Then select your computer device and from the menu click connect. Now key presses on your phone should translate into actions on your computer.

There is thorough documentation available on the anyRemote website. I have attached my personal gnome-mplayer configuration below, which was edited from the mplayer configuration file.