10 apps for college students

The best part? Speaking of courses, why not try one of these 10 UX design courses? Liven up your vocabulary with the Dictionary. It comes loaded with quizzes to keep your English skills sharp and the word of the day is a delight to read every morning. One really fun feature is exploring local trends; you can see which words are looked up near you. Creepy but fun. Personal finance is no joke. Debt from student loans is through the roof.

A coffee from Starbucks every day for one year would cost you 1, dollars — imagine investing that over 10 years? You can set up budgets, alerts and set it up with your bank account in no time. Mint also lets your categorize your spending, create financial and saving goals and empowers you to never be scared of looking at your balance again. Grades is a simple grade tracker that calculates current grades as well as predicts GPA. The app allows you to create mind maps, flashcards, quizzes and flowcharts so you can tailor your learning needs.

The handy study planner lets you create a study strategy that tracks and manages tasks as well as gain insights such as how effective your studying has been. GoConqr can help you achieve those goals for free! This is where Divvy comes in.

10 best study apps for students

Who owes what? Who had the cesar salad? You know the drill. With Divvy, just snap a picture of the bill, check the prices are correct then drag the costs to the relevant person. No more end of meal nightmares. Who knew dining out could be this easy?

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If you have a bunch of errands to do in any given day, then you need to download Clear. Simply install the app, and it will connect your device with your bank account. Now you can share all your payments with friends, collect money from people who owe it to you, pay bills, and much more. The free application is available for both iOS and Android. Dread grappling with math problems? Mathway is here to help. The app helps you deal with difficult math problems ranging from linear algebra to complex calculus. Simply enter the problem in the app or point your camera to take a snap of the problem and the app will give you instant answers.

If it sounds too good to be true, download the app for free from iTunes or the Google Play store.

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  • Clear is another app that helps college students organize their personal and academic lives. The app helps users accomplish tasks by allowing them to create lists and set a date and time for alerts and notifications of deadlines. The app syncs all of your to-do-lists with other devices in order to make it accessible from anywhere. SimpleMind Pro is a mind mapping app that lets you organize thoughts by creating intuitive mind maps with photos, videos, and voice memo. The app allows for easily customizable appearances and different layouts that suit you. The app synchronizes your device with Google Drive or Dropbox, enabling you to easily share it with your friends.

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    • SelfControl is a macOS application that lets students block access to certain websites that disrupt their studying for a period of time. The app helps users focus on their homework and assignments. Simply add the websites you want to block into the blacklist, and the app will ban those sites for a designated period of time.

      Must-Have Apps

      SelfControl is a free and open-source application for macOS and can be downloaded directly from its website. Acclimating to living away from home during college can be a difficult process for some students. Circle of 6 is a personal safety app that helps users stay safe in their new environment or in new relationships by connecting to six of your most trusted contacts that can help you in case of an emergency. The app is available for free for iOS devices.

      Quizlet is a mobile application that teaches its users through a digital flashcard system. The application allows students to create their own flashcards and study sets, or choose from millions created by other users.

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      This can be especially helpful during stressful and hectic finals week. Using this, you have no excuses for putting off that term paper. Available for free for iOS and Android devices. Some professors drop the most important bombs when you least expect it "Have a good spring break, everyone. One more thing: See ya!

      Don't miss a thing with Notesdeck. This super-fast note-taking app opens to a new note by default, lets you create custom hotkeys and syncs notes from other apps — iCloud, Evernote, Simplenote and Dropbox. You can even search within those other apps from one search bar. From thermodynamics to baseball, the Wolfram Alpha reference app uses its supercomputing Cloud to quickly generate answers — across thousands of domains — to all your research questions. With more than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms, Dictionary. The Teacher's Guide to Social Media. Whether you're a Spanish lit major or just looking to finish your general education requirements, Babylon provides comprehensive dictionary results and translations for dozens of languages.

      With pasteboard integration and access to more than 1, glossaries in 75 languages, you'll never struggle to find an accurate definition for your foreign language presentation again. You have better things to do than copy and paste all day. Make light work of data entry assignments with Jumpcut: Ever wish you could type faster? Dragon Dictation uses accurate voice recognition software to let you speak and instantly see your words in text. Dictate statuses to your social networks or pretend you're talking to someone if you're trying to write a speech — even send statuses straight to your social networks.

      Try this if you're in a time crunch and really need to churn out an essay; or, if you're just someone who prefers speaking over writing.


      Available for free for iOS. Flickr, jonas maaloe. It's finals week. You have a huge essay to finish SelfControl lets you set a period of time to block certain websites or mail servers by adding them to a "blacklist. Avoid interrupting class and getting on your professor's bad side with Studious. Once you input your class schedule, Studious will silence your phone during those hours. Ever feel uncomfortable when it's dark and you're in a new part of a city — or even campus?

      It helps you stay safe by connecting you to six trusted contacts, whenever and wherever.