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This includes the popular Safari browser. Unfortunately, the features you can test remain limited. It's not like an iphone in any way. There are roll-over sounds, buttons missing, basic functionality missing, etc. So basically o nly the UI looks like an iphone, while the UX does not.

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My feeling before the download. The original idea of emulating the iphone More. The program itself is a stupid toy and it comes packed with malware called 'start savin'.

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What do you think about iPhone Simulator? Do you recommend it? Make sure you like what's inside the tin by trying it out on your Windows PC first View full description. Softonic review iPhone Simulator is an app that lets you test out Apple's iPhone interface before buying an actual iPhone.

Windows Essentials Microsoft's essential apps to get you started. Flipkart A huge online marketplace Download iPhone Simulator 4. Free Download for Windows. After all this time with the malware being flagged, I would be suspect if it didn't include a keylogger for when you go to log into anything. Save your money and time and just invest in an iPad screenshot collection to set as your screensaver if you're really desperate to see something that merely looks like an iPad but has the functionality of all those knock-off brands.

Such as in this CNET review:. This "program" is one of those. It is almost a cool thing but really just a sucky knockoff of something that was a cool thing, making it worse than nothing at all.

iPadian Review

It doesn't really "do" anything except pretend to do stuff. Like others have said a shortcut for an app will be a link to an app-ish webpage impersonation. The claim that it emulates anything is false. T'were it so I would be able to play an app store app within it and that is not at all possible. Please don't waste your time, and lots of it you will. Both the download and the script itself were painfully slow going.

I am actually somewhat surprised to see this on here since dl. The only way you can consider this to simulate an iPad is for a person who has no idea what one should be like because they have been detached from technology. This has nothing to do with iOS. This is just some loser who made a fake interface that loads html5 apps. I downloaded from the link provided xpadian.

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I don't know why anyone is saying it "doesn't install" because it did install and put a listing in my Programs and Features List that had to be uninstalled when I decided I didn't want it. During the install process, it comes up with a standard UI that allows you to skip past a program called MoboGenie and one called Value Apps. It allows you to choose the destination file location. Despite clicking "Skip" on both of the suggested programs, it installed them both anyway and I had to remove them with MalwareBytes. Plus it installed them in a different location than the one I told it to.

I don't even see a point in this program, so why would anyone bother. I guess maybe if you are absolutely in love with the IOS interface, but just fork out the money for a real Apple device. Before uninstalling, I browsed the "App Store" and the only things in there are games and social media, all of which can be found in the Android store, half of which don't even work. So if you're trying to get tablet functionality into Windows, just use BlueStacks and use Android.

BlueStacks just revolutionized my Windows 8 tablet. Instead of worrying about the crappy Windows 8 apps or trying to touch-screen everything through the desktop, I just switch to BlueStacks and get full access to my Android account. Full Android.

How to run Windows 1-98 an iOS device! No Jailbreak Computer

Full Windows. It's the best of both worlds. Until someone comes out with a true emulator, you won't get it. This program is malware and is a waste of your time anyway.

Guys I know I shouldn't be posting this here, however I need help about the Bluestacks app player, when I'm installing it, it stops at the very end saying it can't recognize my Graphic card and that I should update it , and I have the latest driver available for my Samsung Notebook N Plus. You should post this question on MakeUseOf Answers. This is a question for the iPadian representative.

I am looking for PC software to emulate iPad programs for reading magazines. I have an iPad but prefer to read on my large PC screen as I have limited vision. I simply want to be able to read these materials on my large PC instead of the iPad. BTW, I do enjoy Kindle books on the computer and am thankful that there is an app for that.

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Maybe someday Kindle will make it so that iPad magazines can be read on the PC version of Kindle as well. It would be very kind of you if you could clarify a couple of things in your article. We have released a new version that is called iPadian Game Player several months ago. You can find the link here gameplayer.

10 Best iOS Emulators for PC {Run iOS Apps on PC} Windows Laptop

The link to CNET is an old link. That is the very first version of iPadian that we released in if you look at the screenshot on CNET, you will notice how different the user interface is. Let me know if you have any question! And thank you in advance for the clarifications. Cheers, iPadian Team http: Well, since you're commenting here, could you also clarify why the. Please see reader comments above for more details. We'd appreciate your response! I'm personally peeved at companies that try to infect others with their software: Is it to do with leading miserable, boring and pathetic lives?

Clarify That. This is a misunderstanding. Two different products are available. The first is iPadian through the web address http: The team that took care of that product packaged it along with a third party add on to monetize the software. Sadly this third party add-on happens to be flagged by antiviruses, which only came to our attention recently.

We are now working on alternatives. We port the applications manually to get them to work on PC. My thinking was that it would increase use of both Mac and iOS by adding value to the whole ecosystem, and thus get users even more excited about doing business with Apple. Another thing Windows couldn't do No, that is not an emulator, it's a simulator. You can only use it to test your own apps that you develop, not to download apps from the app store and run them.

Our fault lay in linking to two alternate download sources and only testing one of them. The CNET direct download doesn't require installation and is malware free , as far as we can tell. The writer obviously didnt try the application out.. The CNET direct download only downloads a. Moreover, it is malware free , as far as we can tell.

Here is the virus scan link. Thanks for the warning.

10 Best iOS Emulators for PC {Run iOS Apps on PC} Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP Laptop

No issues here so far, but we will look into it. Do you remember what malware was detected? Thanks for the heads-up! I installed from CNet and my antivirus didn't detect anything, which might mean it's not good or sensitive enough. Might also be a false positive, though. That's surprising, I also installed it from CNet and my antivirus didn't detect anything.

Let me look into this. What is the purpose of this app if it runs the same programs as Windows? Just to say it could be done? Seems like a waste of time to me. TinaS when I got the application from Ipadian's own site, I got a few malware alerts about the installation wrapper around ipadian. The version from CNET works pretty well.