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Therefore, a quiz game that requires the solver to correctly identify as many famous logos as possible is in a way a preparation for being better adapted to contemporary life. Although the basic version of the game is free, the various in-app additions that you can purchase in any app store enable you to go through yet another and another pack of hints not quite cheats, but just a few interesting details about the background of each logo, to help you identify it easier designed to keep you enjoying the game for longer.

The 16 levels of the game walk you through more than brands and logos to guess and to discover, and the complex system of hints, stars and coins is highly entertaining and highly addictive but in a good way. The latest version 3.

Logo Quiz Answers and Cheats

The more people that can enjoy the game, the better for spreading the logo-guessing love, right? Available since its last version 3. This way, not only can you brag with your logo detecting skills in front of a virtual board for you and your best buddies, but you can also measure up how good you actually are by competing with random people who like the challenge. The goal of the famous puzzle game is to guess as many company logos and names as possible.

Guess the Characters for Game of Thrones

It can be played on Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices and its design was recently updated for better viewing on smart phone and tablets. You may be a design fanatic, a branding aficionado, and still get some of them wrong. You may be able to finish levels two, three, four or five on your own, but we assure you that after level six logo quiz becomes very difficult for some people. If you ever get stuck, this is the place you need to come looking for logo quiz cheats. If you manage to complete all levels of the free logo quiz game, there are plenty of other games that you can try.

Hi Guess Who Level 6 30/30

We share your passion for games, so we have gone to great lengths to compile comprehensive logo quiz cheats sheets. Oh, and did you hear that there is also a sequel for the logo quiz game? Worst place ever. Make more pages when you give answers. You kill the game for only a dime!!! You better go f..

He did great job and all answers are correct! Level 65 does not match the answer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But I finished the game… will there be more levels soon?

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Reply All of them are right. Thank you. Reply Thank You For confirming. Reply nice to meat you all love all your comments It is a very nice game I love it but i cant play it because i have installed it in my father phone and gives it very less time but I KNOW why because I AM a small kid if you want to know anything about me live in India pune, marashratra asia sorry I did not put the comment before today is republic day in society so I HAD GONE down for flag hosting thsn I ate breakfast so than I START on this computer my age is 7 live in rakshak nager gold 2 study in class 1 school orbis Reply Hi, Nice to meet you, happy republic day.

Helpful i reached the last level hope you will reply to this thanks! Reply Nice, Insall other games like word story or 4 pic 1 word. No answer matches. Reply The Answers are off by one number, ect. Reply Is one possibility Reply Soooooo many people are giving hate comments it work better then any other app Reply yes same question…. Reply how can I type answer in level 44…. Reply Maybe some bug you can report it to the app developer, that may fix it.

Developer: Droidoff

Whats the word has become an overnight success, but without hints to help it can be almost impossible to guess the word from the 4 pictures given. This is where we can help!

With a full walkthrough and solutions to every level right here on this site! This is the site you need for the 4 Pics 1 Word cheat! Here is a little story, once upon a time we played a game called Icomania on our iPhones, it as awesome, we enjoyed, and thus arrived the Icomania answers right here on this site! From levels 1 to 12, we will update the answers regularly. Just check out the Icomania link on the homepage to take you to the full cheat with images all arranged nicely in level order for you: And now, because we love these quiz games so much, we also bring you all the 4 Pics 1 Movie answers too!

You lucky things you!

Quiz: Logo Game Level 6 - All Answers - Walkthrough ( By Lemmings at work )

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