Gcse bitesize ict mobile phones

They run a wide range of applications, can access the internet and take photos and record video. The Apple iPhone was released in running iOS.

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It revolutionised the smartphone industry. Google responded with its Android operating system shortly after. Approximately million smartphones were sold in There are five billion mobile phones being used worldwide today. The Apple iPad was released in , a touchscreen tablet with apps and internet access.

Hard drive adverts Page. Sequencing activity File. Historical comparison of hard drives URL. Binary code explained video Page.

Bandwidth & Latency

Make your own punch card URL. Topic 4. What is a processor or CPU? Article about cooling processors URL. Moore's law URL.

GCSE BBC Science Bitesize - Electricity

Topic 5. Sensor-packed surfing Gizmag. Difference between analogue and digital signals URL. Home control URL. Home automation URL. Robotics photo File. Robotics video Page. On screen 'turtle' controlling machinery URL. Topic 6. Quadjoy mouse URL.

How ICT has led to changing work patterns - Revision 1 - GCSE ICT - BBC Bitesize

Quadjoy videos Page. Topic 7. Networking photos URL. What are Networks? Topic 8. Keylogging URL. Malicious software URL. Videos Page.

  1. iphone download pictures from messages!
  2. Input devices, processing and output devices?
  3. Bandwidth & Latency | ICT GCSE - Living in the Digital Age Exam?

Topic 9. The national importance of computer security BBC Page. Encryption URL. Topic User interfaces - simple explanation URL. File extensions Interactive poster IMS content package.

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